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Welcome to my page. I’m so glad you’re here. Most of you know me, but if you don’t … my name is Paisley.

I’m a mini double-doodle. I’m friendly and I love to play. If I bark, it’s not because I’m trying to be scary; I want you to play with me. I can’t talk with words like you do, so my bark is my way of talking.

I’m a member of Love on a Leash, which means I get to work as a therapy dog. I visit people in nursing homes and out in the public. It’s so much fun and so rewarding!

I hope you will visit me at the Library. You can even send me an email. Look for my address on this page, click on it, and write me a letter. I’ll write you back.



Contact me at my new email address: and then we can talk! I will write back. Puppy promise!

Main Photo

“And I’d like to say hi, too! I’m Baxter. You may have seen me running around the library, stopping for a quick visit and begging for a hug. I’m still a puppy, so I have a lot of energy. I love to be surrounded by fun people, especially kids. I love licking your face or playing games with you. I’m working with Paisley as an Assistant Pet Services Librarian. It’s the best job ever! So, please stop by and ask to see me because I want to see you!”



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